During my undergraduate endeavors, the great William Daly incorporated random movie clips into his lectures. During the early 21st century this was a very uncommon practice. I made a point in my own teaching practices to integrate technology into my courses to break up lectures and enhance learning.

My goal is to provide all of my young scholars with readily accessible and engaging instructor-made videos to elaborate on course concepts, provide them a refresher on course content, and give them the opportunity to understand content they may have missed. My focus is on utilizing technology within my classroom that allows all students to feel included, be engaged, and comfortable enough to ask questions when necessary. In addition to utilizing technology in the classroom and YouTube video tools in the classroom, course blogs have been setup for every course I have taught in order to provide students a visual road map on what they have learned and what they will learn.

Perhaps most importantly I keep myself up to date on instructional technology and integration literature to determine what practices are now considered out of date to best enhance my courses in the classroom and beyond.

Feel free to view some of my tools below:

SlideShare – used to share PPTs and other documents on my course blogs.

YouTube – used to share course content and extra content to enhance course content, which have been embedded in learning management systems like Blackboard and Canvas, as well as on my course blogs.