Affiliate Marketing Directions


One way some people have done over time is to use their knowledge of SEO [Search Engine Optimization] marketing to secure some additional income through affiliate marketing. There are two general ways to participate in affiliate marketing. The first way is to simply serve a referee for various companies where you earn a commission for referring other people to a company or product. The second way is to purchase a domain geared towards a specific niche, then work with various agencies like Commission JunctionClick Bank and Link Share to earn money through links present in your website. This article focuses on the second way to embark on affiliate marketing.

First, you want to purchase a domain name through a domain agent. My preference is GoDaddy, but you can use whichever one that meets your needs. Your domain name should feature the content you intend to discuss. For example, if your site is going to be a sports blog having a domain name like is a good idea. If you don’t have hosting through your domain agent I would recommend Host Gator. I run a website company and it hosts all of my clients for only $9.99 a month.

Second, you want to determine how you will present your website. I have used WordPress for any website I intend to produce content for, but you are welcome to explore any content management system you’d like.

Third, sign up for website that can make you money like Commission JunctionClick Bank and Link Share. There are many others, but these are ones I’ve been paid by, so can confirm their legitimacy.

Fourth, use Google’s Keyword tool to search for topics that have a lot of traffic, but indicate they have low search competition. The lower the competition the more likely you can go to the first page of Google and receive most of those visitors. It might be a good idea to do a few of these per attempt so you have some ideas stored.

Fifth, write an article about the topic you found from Google’s Keyword tool. Your article should be a strong writing, not some small, insignificant article that people won’t look at.

Sixth, once your article is posted on your blog/website the real fun begins. You now need to start the quest to do SEO work for the topic Google helped you come up with. You will need to complete the following steps for the best results:

  • Use Pingler. Here you will enter your title/keyword [the keyword Google helped you find], then the associated link and select associated categories. You will then enter the captcha and click Ping. Your website page with its associated keyword will now be entered into a number of search engines.
  • Bookmark your website page using the associated keyword in social bookmarking websites like DiggDeliciousReddit and StumbleUpon.
  • Submit a 2nd variation of your article to Ezine Articles. There are a number of tools available to re-word your article so it is different from your original writing.
  • Once Ezine Articles approves your article submit a 3rd variation of your article to other article directory websites such as Go ArticlesArticle Base and Article Alley. Within these articles you should be inserting a link back to your website using the keyword Google helped you found.
  • You should then use this keyword to link back to your website [the specific page featuring the keyword] using a number of comment possibilities, like responding on BloggerHubPagesYahoo Answers or forums associated with your niche.
  • You should also create a free press release with something regarding your website using a website like PRLog, which is a free press release website.

Additionally you can post YouTube videos about the keyword and link back to your specific page. The idea is that the more traffic you are getting the more likely someone is to click the affiliate link on your website, make a purchase and you receive the referral. Make sure to have a mix of cheaper products, moderately priced products and expensive products linked within your articles so you reach a larger demographic.

Don’t be frustrated if you struggle at first. Search Google for tips on using Commission JunctionClick BankLink Share, etc.

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