International Conference on e-Learning & Innovative Pedagogies Marino, M. (March 2nd, 2018). Cognitive Load Perceptions Based on Assignments. International Conference on e-Learning & Innovative Pedagogies, St. John’s University, Manhattan Campus, NY.

Abstract: This paper examines how students can perceive the workload, cognitively, of an undergraduate course based on the number of assignments influencing their overall grade. Data has been collected through open dialogue with students over the past two calendar years. No identifying information will be provided. This paper will examine the influence assigned coursework has on cognitive load, suggested modifications to course constructs to address the issue, and how to find a happy medium that allows students to be successful in the course and understand the purposes of the assigned content. The implications of the presentation are that the more educators are aware that students need to be informed as to why they are doing something, the more they are to get out of them and the better they will likely do. The purpose is to improve practice by making more educators aware of the role cognitive load plays on students’ abilities. The method could be suggested as an ethnography.