Freelance Contributor (August 2015 to Present)

Produce informative articles on investment: strategies for earning more, basic concepts of investing, and defining how investment knowledge can help investors earn more. All posted articles required approval.



Freelance Contributor (May 2015 to Present)

Provide opinion articles on investments: ETFs, dividends, IPOs, and Long-Term Investment Growth. All posted articles required approval.


Seeking Alpha.

Freelance Contributor (May 2015 to Present)

Provide opinion articles on investments: ETFs, dividends, IPOs, and Long-Term Investment Growth. All posted articles required approval.



Premium Instructor (May 2015 to Present)

Offer a wide variety of paid lessons on various business and computer topics and strategies for earning passive income through various ventures.



CEO and Founder (May 2015 to Present)

Match Angel Investors with Entrepreneurs. Angel Investors are vetted for background and financial information. Angel Investors setup meetings and conferences with Entrepreneurs through our system. Entrepreneurs reach out to Angel Investors in their field of interest. Entrepreneurs are required to submit a business plan to entice an Angel Investor.



CEO and Founder (May 2015 to Present)

Education-Articles.com gives many individuals the opportunity to publish content related to all fields of education. Education-Articles.com pays contributors for each article contributed to the website. Individuals setup accounts through the website upon approval and start posting in depth and informative articles on education. All content must be approved before it is published.


Foundation for Academic Advancements in Educational Technology.

Founder and Board President (October 2014 to Present)

Providing grants to individuals looking to create educational technology products. Providing scholarships to students interested in educational technology. Providing educational technology to those in need. Providing as much information as possible on educational technology.


Simple K12 Teacher Learning Community.

Ambassador (October 2012 to Present)

Promoting all that the Simple K12 Teacher Learning Community offers professional development webinars, shared resources, forums, and much more. Promotion occurs through informing educators about digital webinars via internet marketing and informal presentations.


Franchise Inc. Media and Bambino Enterprises Web Design.

CEO and Owner (October 2003 to Present)

Franchise Inc. Media provides customers with bargain prices on media products by searching various platforms, purchasing the product, and selling it to you directly. All our products are shipped in an expedited fashion through USPS Priority shipping. Additionally, book publications are being produced. Bambino Enterprises Web Design focuses on website creation, internet marketing and promotional strategies. We meet directly with you to establish your needs and parameters. Once your needs and parameters are established, we either purchase a domain for you or instruct you on how to purchase a domain. We provide our clients with paid web hosting with domain security. We advertise for our clients via internet marketing, specifically SEO [Search Engine Optimization] marketing and social media marketing. We also have in the past secured our clients with promotional opportunities in their local newspaper, via print marketing too. We modify our strategies based on website analytics we collect via various online tools through our hosting and Google. While we have primarily focused on small businesses, organizations, teachers, and individual projects we have contributed to larger projects in the past. Our goal is to provide website home runs!



Ambassador, Luminary, Certified Learner, Certified Trainer, and User Mentor (July 2015 to September 2022)

Ambassador tasks include Advancing conversation via social media about Edmodo.com. Identifying technical issues with Edmodo.com. Participation in Edmodo.com specific Learning Communities to provide answers to questions posed by Edmodo users. AWARDS: Ambassador of the Year 2015.

Luminary tasks include Share original resources with Edmodo users. Comment on Free and Paid resources uploaded by Edmodo users.

Certified Learner tasks include Learning all aspects of utilizing the Edmodo Learning Management System. Completing exercises associated with various functions of Edmodo. Supporting Edmodo users with community questions.

Certified Trainer tasks include Provide training on usage of Edmodo. Provide documentation for Edmodo users. Provide media information for Edmodo users. Address Edmodo users’ questions and concerns.

User Mentor tasks include Leading groups of up to 15 new Edmodo users/teachers. Provide demonstrations on how to use various aspects of Edmodo. Address specific questions posed by new Edmodo users. Provide information on resources associated with Edmodo. Influencing user comfort with Edmodo.



CFO and Owner (September 2015 to April 2016)

A Get Paid To website featuring extensive surveys, offers and opportunities to earn a passive income and potential prizes through contests. CPA Networks provide us with offers to list for our members. Our members earn a percentage of our earnings for completing the offers. Required to provide prompt payments to members, answer inquiries, advertise, internet marketing, and provide a positive overall experience for all members, which includes checking for fraud and enforcing industry standards.


Stockton University’s Computer Services.

Computer Lab Technician (September 2007 to May 2008)

Responsible for providing hardware and software on-site support to over 7,000 individuals [faculty, staff and students] within the Academic Computing Facilities. Acted as a liaison between professors and computers during classroom activities. Conducted individual lessons to teach fellow students how to use the various software programs available to them; include MS OFFICE, Adobe Suite and various individualized applications. Conducted individual lessons with professors, as well as, staff on how to utilize the classroom control system. The system features included A/V controls, interactive whiteboards, and a digital visual presenter.