Social Media for the Academic


These days Social Media may be viewed as a tool that young people use to connect with each other, but it can be much more. Especially to those involved in academia.

I have my own personal social media accounts, but there are also social media accounts where my academic standing is driven. I use Twitter to send out reminders to my undergraduate classes; as well as, provide random links related to course content as appropriate. This Twitter account also follows faculty members in academia in areas associated with courses I have taught and can be used to collaborate with them too!

However, recently I have discovered that social media can drive my academic standing. Recently I submitted an article for peer review to a respected journal and was asked how I intend to promote my journal article if it was approved and published. I had not thought about that. “Advertising” my publication on social media will not only encourage individuals to read my publication, but can result in research collaboration if other academics are interested in my work.

Not only can social media result in research collaboration, but has provided me with information on upcoming conferences I would not have otherwise known about. Social media can expand the coverage of not only my presentation at a conference, but the entire conference as a whole.

There are even suggested social media websites for the academic:

  • Research Gate
  • Academia
  • LinkedIn

The Syracuse iSchool provided an overview on some social media sites for academicsĀ here.

Using social media in academia allows me to receive feedback from those in the field, collaborate, promote myself and my work, and put me in a community of academics.

Just be sure to use social media websites that are up-to-date. Attempting to promote yourself, collaborate or join a community on a website or app that is not used is detrimental to your progress due to the time required. Success as an academic in social media is possible!

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