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Twitter: I continue to be long in Twitter despite the disappointing drop in price per share. They seem to gain momentum with certain announcements and then crash and burn. I had initially viewed them as comparative to Facebook’s stock where they would flounder between $30 and $60 then jump towards $100, but that hasn’t happened yet. A buyout from Google, Microsoft, or another giant in the industry still looks like a potential opportunity, but nothing firm at the moment.

ELY: ELY continues to grow. It will likely never see the heights it reached in the late 1990’s, but with a dividend and consistently hovering over the purchase price for share I’m hoping it continues its building momentum.

FULL: FULL is struggling to keep any momentum. At this point my play in FULL is solely due to the monthly dividend.

FTEC: This ETF has provided me with some momentum with earnings. While the price has fluctuated quite a bit in the past few months the stock is consistently floating over my purchase price per share. As a long play it is keeping me excited.

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