My teaching style has been influenced over the years by the follow individuals:

William T. Daly: the legendary faculty member of Stockton University was one of my former professors during my undergraduate studies. He empowered all his students by referring to them as “young scholars” – a term I borrow to date. Additionally, “the old man at the front of the room” went out of his way to remember all of his students’ names to show how much he cared!

Additionally, Daly was the first faculty member I had at Stockton to integrate technology into his teaching. Daly was so skilled that in 2023 the university renamed its School of General Studies after him due to his constant focus on the need for students to develop a breadth of knowledge.



George Feeny: yes, I understand Mr. Feeny, character from Boy Meets World, is not real, but his teaching style should influence everyone! Mr. Feeny was fair with all of his students, encouraging them to do better each day. Additionally, Mr. Feeny went out of his way to try to know a little bit about all of his students.

Mr. Feeny always tried to impart life lessons on his students too. The most poignant one may have been, Believe In Yourselves. Dream. Try. Do Good.


Coach Herman Boone: you may only know this man based on Denzel Washington’s portrayal of him in the film Remember the Titans, but his no nonsense approach worked!

Boone treated all of his players equally, but made sure to push them to be better athletes, better students, and most importantly better human beings. Boone understood that life was about more than just football. Within the classroom it is necessary to understand that education goes beyond simple concepts and lessons, but extends to real world applications and situations students need to be prepared for.

As so eloquently uttered by Washington in the film, Now I may be a mean cuss. But I’m the same mean cuss with everybody out there on that football field. You do not have to be mean, but you need to be fair and treat everyone the same whether on the football field or in the classroom.