The Old Scholars Network: a LinkedIn group for all of my former students to interact and share employment assistance. Periodically I post job postings of potential interest and employment assistance. For more on The Old Scholars Network please visit the LinkedIn group.

Scholarsgiving: During the Web Development Apps course taught at Seton Hall University students are given two class periods to work individually on their website projects. These two class meetings often wrap around the Thanksgiving holiday. Therefore, Scholarsgiving was born – the Monday class meeting prior to Thanksgiving. Young scholars brought goodies, similar to a pot luck dinner, and embraced being thankful for being a young scholar!

Undergraduate Job Portfolios: within the Business and Professional Communication course at Monmouth University students went beyond the traditional cover letter and resume for a mock interview. This included building an entire job portfolio, which included creating a video resume and press release to give them more opportunities to sell themselves. For more information on these strategies please read the published article associated with these strategies.

Instructor Made Videos: instructor-made videos are provided to students in three different ways: 1) full lecture recordings in case students missed class and need the information they missed, 2) 15 to 20 minute abbreviated lectures in case students want a refresher on material covered in class, and 3) short videos addressing one specific topic for review.

Course Blogs: developed for students to follow along with course materials while enrolled in a particular course and use the information provided as a resource in their future employment or courses.