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Upon graduating college in 2008 I was always actively seeking more ways to make money. One way I found to doing this was in completing offers on GPT [Get Paid To] websites. These websites would pay you for completing offers, surveys, clicking ads, etc. So basically I was now getting paid for doing things we all commonly come across when surfing the web. For example, that pop-up that asks you if you’re interested in a $50 Walmart gift card is one of the types of offers available. You might fill it out for free when you could earn $0.50 for doing so. GPT websites will never allow you to quit your job and earn a living from, but they can provide you with some extra pocket money for gas or meals.

In late September I decided to purchase the domain to house my very own GPT website. In October the process began in setting up the website for usage. This post is an attempt at detailing everything I’ve gone through in the process and what I’ve done thus far.

Upfront Expenses:
Designing websites own my own for years I assumed going in that the only upfront cost would be the domain purchase [as I already have hosting]. First, I had to pay Shiftcode $89.95 to even be able to have my GPT website run correctly. The $89.95 was $60 for the Shiftcode install and $29.95 for the first month of usage.

The site sat idle for a while as I waited for a recommended web designer to create the design for the website. Yes, I design websites, but am not familiar with how to design a website for Shiftcode, so I left it to the professionals. The recommended designer based in the UK requested $100 to design the website and create two free referral banners. The person didn’t respond for weeks until finally designing the website. Then it took another few weeks for him to create the referral banners. As an apology he created four banners instead of two due to his tardiness.

By time anything had happened Shiftcode had charged me another $29.95 for the second month of service. So I had put forth $219.90 before anyone has even started to do offers.


An old friend from my earlier GPT days recommended using her co-owner to help me setup the offer walls and offer systems on Shiftcode. I was told each wall costs $50 for Shiftcode to do it, so I’m glad this person volunteered. As someone volunteering to do this, the walls went up slowly and still aren’t entirely present, but he continues to work on them.

The offers themselves are hit or miss. There are performa networks and non-performa networks. This co-owner informed me to signup for both. Once I signed up I noticed this was a mistake. Performa networks take a few minutes to setup and then you simply add offers as they appear. The non-performa networks, well, now the co-owner of the friend’s site says to not even use them.


I have set things up to encourage a lot of referrals by having a $1 bonus for referrals that join and complete an offer. Thus far doing so has been a bit of a challenge. Nearly all members are receiving their bonuses legitimately, but one keeps referring cheaters and has had his bonuses revoked.

Currently referrals earn 10% for their referrer through the offers they do.


I currently have a good mix of members. A few solid members who continually do offers, but most members just seem to be one man’s referrals through spamming his referral link everywhere. This has a resulted in a number of foreign members that have very few offers available to them.

The idea is to continually grow your member base so you are being paid steadily by your networks.


I’ve had to boot a few cheaters thus far. All were referred by the same person who lost his bonuses. These people were illegally completing offers that had closed [some offers have daily caps]. The other reason some people have been banned is due to using IP addresses from all over the place instead of one near where they claim to live.

Dealing with cheaters will be an ongoing issue in the GPT world.

Networks Paying:

Thus far I was paid by one network for October. Some networks seem to pay each month no matter how much you earn. Other networks only pay you once a month if you reach $50. So if in June I make $150 I’ll be paid $150 in July, but if I make $25 in July I won’t be paid in August. Then there are the click networks where you earn a few pennies here and there where you can cashout as often as you’d like.

My networks include:

CPA Lead

Ad Power Media


TrialPay Referral Program



AdWork Media

Adscend Media

Join Revenue Hut Today!


Epic Edge Media

Skippy Ads




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