Why GPT Didn’t Work for Me


My last post [a long time ago] discussed the Art of the GPT. However, a lot has changed between then and now. In early April I made the decision to discontinue my GPT site and have now transformed GetMoneyGPT into a GPT review/referral and information system for those that might be interested in earning money using GPT sites or creating their own GPT sites.

There were two major stumbling blocks within the GPT community: a) Fraud is King and b) Terms of Service are not followed.

Fraud is King: The first and most constant fraud issue has to do with certain foreign members. They will join your site and then illegally refer themselves. They will then complete offers as themselves, then complete the same offers as the referral [that is actually them]. So they are in essence seeking payment twice plus the referral bonus for completing the offer.

To survive in GPT you seem to need to have a low payout threshold or no one will join your site. This attracts even more fraud as it looks as though they can earn a quick buck on your dime. I had my threshold set to $2 where I had to manually approve all cashouts [some sites have instant cashout].

Another issue with fraud is that networks won’t tell you someone committed fraud that isn’t easy to see until after the fact and the networks will punish you for someone else committing fraud. An example of this was that one member was defrauding surveys for months and nothing was ever said by the networks until it was time to pay and they used it as a reason to not pay. Which leads us to the following……

Terms of Service Are Not Followed: When you sign up to join the networks that provide the offers you are paid for when your members complete them you agree to a TOS. These Terms of Service will often indicate how often you will be paid and when you will be paid. However, after owning a GPT site from September, 2015 to April, 2016 one thing was clear – Networks don’t follow their own TOS with respect to payment. The networks would often not pay at all or pay substantially later than they indicated they would. Some still haven’t paid me.

It is important to consider these factors if you ever intend on running a GPT site as you could lose a substantial amount of money because you have to pay your members when they complete offers and cashout in order to keep them and secure new members, but the networks seem to do whatever they want, so there is no guarantee you will ever be reimbursed for the money you put forth to pay your members.

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